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The history of Tic Tac®

  • It was 1969, the year of the first moon landing and Woodstock, the music festival that defined an entire generation. Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Italy, Ferrero was busy creating the product destined to become its best seller of all times!

  • A good measure of Tic Tac®‘s meteoric rise to fame was probably due to its catchy name. Previously called "Refreshing Mints", in 1970 it was renamed "Tic Tac®", referring to the distinctive clicking sound that the pack makes as it’s opened and closed.

  • Since then, the original mint and orange flavours have literally conquered the world. By the mid-80's, Tic Tac® had established a market presence on five continents. As the brand matured, more flavours were introduced and, by 1998, Tic Tac® had become the fourth sugar confectionary product in the world.

  • The flavour range evolve constantly to delight and surprise it's huge base of loyal fan: starting from the mint, passing by fruit flavours, arriving to the Special Edition!

  • The Tic Tac® special editions are eagerly awaited and collected by diehard fans. A new set of flavours is launched every summer and winter to accompany the lovers of the product wherever they want.
    But not only: Tic Tac Special Edition are created every year for the most important event all around the word to involve Brand fans.

  • Tic Tac® also shows up in popular movies, especially comedies, judging from its numerous appearances in the genre. Tic Tac® Orange starred in Juno (2007), the hit film that won an Academy Award. Remember Dr. Doolittle (1998) with Eddie Murphy? What about Airheads (1994), the rock comedy that launched the careers of Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser? Tic Tac® was there, too. And it returns to the big screen in Woody Allen's new film, To Rome with Love (2012).

  • Tic Tac® plays a cameo role in such long-running, popular American TV series like Friends and Will & Grace and in The Simpson too. It's even been chosen by TV's grumpiest personality. Yep, that's right, in the 2012 season, Dr. House himself was spotted bouncing a Tic Tac® into his mouth.