Technical Requirements


I. This website will be correctly displayed with the most popular browsers, in particular:
Desktop browsers:
•    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and higher
•    Mozilla Firefox 44 and higher
•    Google Chrome of the penultimate stable version and subsequent
•    Apple Safari 8.0 and higher
II. Mobile devices(os/browsers):
•    iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad and above
•    Safari 8 and higher
•    Smartphone Android 4.3-5.0
•    Chrome - last version
•    Android Browser – last version (applicable only for Android 4.3)
Windows Phone:
•    Windows Phone 8.1 and higher
•    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and higher
III. Resolutions:
a. 480 x 800, 960x540 qHD, 1280x720 HD, 1920x1080 FHD
b. for Tablets Android 4.3-5.0: 1280x800, 1024x768, 1024x600


PC: Operative system Microsoft Windows XP or above. PLUG-IN Adobe Flash Player 9 downloadable from the site
MAC: Operative system Mac Os 10.4 and above PLUG-IN Flash 9 downloadable from the site