Pre-shaking Tic Tac's

Tic Tac®
mint Flavors

Box lid Tic Tac Freshmint


Minty. Refreshing. Classic. Need we say more? Each Tic Tac® Freshmint is ready to refresh any moment—and your mouth.

Box lid Tic Tac Tropical Adventure

Tropical Adventure

Prepare to be whisked away to never-ending palm trees and sunshine with flavors including juicy pineapple, sweet banana, succulent passionfruit, and delicious mango.

Box lid Tic Tac Orange


Tangy & sweet, inside & out. Pop a Tic Tac® Orange flavored mint whenever it’s time to play or unwind.

Box lid Tic Tac Fruit Adventure

Fruit Adventure

Mix it up with Tic Tac® Fruit Adventure. Flavors including sweet cherry, tangy orange, tart apple, and juicy passion fruit joined forces so you could enjoy them all together. More fun than climbing a fruit tree.

Box lid Tic Tac Wintergreen


Winter has come. In a mint. Enjoy the crisp, minty taste of Tic Tac® Wintergreen flavored mint before a meeting, on a date—any time you need a refresh.

Box lid Tic Tac Strawberry & Cream

Strawberry & Cream

Taste the fruity, creamy goodness of this classic flavor combo! NEW Tic Tac® Strawberry & Cream is ready to give satisfyingly sweet taste in any moment. Enjoy them yourself or give them as mint gifts!

Box lid Tic Tac Sprite

Tic Tac® SPRITE®

Introducing Tic Tac® Sprite® Lemon-Lime Flavored Mints, a delicious combination of the refreshment of Sprite® and the iconic taste of Tic Tac®